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Have you ever thought of using a software defined wan? If not, then you may wish to start thinking about it. The data centers are dealing with increasing amount of data each passing day and the cloud environment and branch office networking are becoming more and more critical. The storage and data backup are only two of many crucial things you need to watch out for and in such times the sd wan solutions appear to be the answer to your problems. Here, we will discuss the advantages of using a good sd wan services like Teldat SD-WAN.


With the increasing demand of bandwidth, SD WAN routers help in combining the bandwidth that comes from various WAN connections. With the help of sd wan software, you can add or remove the WANs with ease and deal with them as needed. So, you get a chance to increase or decrease the bandwidth, as per the requirement of your organization, and assure a smooth data flow.

SD WAN routers


You might find that a good SD WAN comes at a decent cost but it is pretty less expensive when you compare it with other options. For instance, if you opt for the carrier grade MPLS connections, they may appear to be catchy but are usually followed up by long term and expensive contracts. At the same time, the SD WAN gives you a chance of managing the available networks and use them to full capacity or lower it to a certain degree without giving any thought to idle backup.


SD WAN is a technology that helps in encrypting the WAN traffic. As it is moving from one end to another, the encryption assures no breach occurs. Even if a breach is there, the data loss is minimized and the IT administrators get an edge at detecting the attacks as they have detailed overview of the type of traffic and how it is flowing in the network.

Apart from the above, SD WAN solutions are generally more reliable and adds up to the performance of your system. Moreover, the adoption of IoT technology and ease of use encourages the organizations to implement it to their network.

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