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The mere mention of Robot has us all imagining all sorts of Hollywood’s famous humanoid characters. But on the contrary, robots are in reality mechanical devises programmed to perform specific tasks repetitively. They are used to perform tasks which their human counterpart find boring or dangerous. Robots are capable of even performing tasks that are highly complex for humans. Robots are widely being used in industrial as well as service sector. From welding auto parts to interacting with humans, they can perform multiple tasks. The most common interactions we have with these robots are at the movie ticket kiosks or a self-checkout lane at the supermarket.  It is imperative to say that robots are integrating themselves into our lives in the most impactful manner.

Restaurants and eateries

The one sector where robotic technologies have been put into use is the food industry and one country making a significant progress in it is Japan. From making sushi to chopping vegetables, serving drinks to the customers, generating bills to even cleaning, these robots are efficient enough to perform these task error-free. Some robots are even capable of preparing coffee from scratch to serving drinks at bars and parties.

Assisted Living

The potential of robots in assisted care facilities for elders and old-age homes is being put into test for a long time now. A robot in the shape of a chair that can carry a human weighing up to 220 pounds is being put to use in Korea. This robot can simply be controlled with a joystick attached to it. These robots can perform tasks like helping the elderly get up from the bed, give them medicines, and take them for a walk. Robots even provide them a sense of companionship.

Fighting crime

Robots are being used by police forces to pin out highly armed criminals and eliminate them. Remotely controlled robots are taken into use to check vehicles for booby traps. Some robots can even disarm such traps and avert public safety risks.  In the crisis like a hostage situation, it becomes difficult for the armed forces to get close to the area and evacuate the hostages. Sending a robot inside the premises to collect audio and visual to assess the situation is the best bet for the police.  Besides bringing accuracy in Intel, they help police force make a strategic judgment eventually resulting in lesser casualties or none.


IT consulting firms are devising robots to distribute medicines to patients. Some of these robots are even capable of interfacing with hospital elevators to reach from one floor to another. As surprising as it may sound, robots can even perform complex surgeries.


A major market for service robots is children. A few early childhood education centers are employing robots to assist teachers. Robots are being programmed to sign to kids helping them with learning words and phrases. Readily available robotic toys are getting designed by IT consulting Virginia Beach for the kids to start early on education through fulfilled activities.

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